La Estación, new Cantamuda wine

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June 1, 2015

La Estación, new Cantamuda wine

The vineyards which make this spectacular wine are part of the family project of Carmen and Luis Angel, these two lands are located in the areas of La Trinitaria and El Pino, belonging to the town of La Horra, where Santiago Carmen´s father comes from.

In 2018, Luis Ángel and Carmen decided to buy and refurbish the old family store, located in the old Roa railway station, built approximately in 1956, for the commercialization of products that arrived at the Railway Station.

This warehouse belonged to Carmen’s grandparents, who had to come to live in Roa as Don Pablo, Santiago’s father, was the village doctor.

Cantamuda La Estación is a respectful nod to Santiago (Santi), for the great appreciation he had for these two lands, beautiful places where the grapes come from, and to D. Pablo Abad, with his top hat and his briefcase.

The design of the label is made by Dimagen, and is aimed at communicating with the person who has the bottle in his hand, so that his mind interacts with the image projected by the label, inviting him to imagine the story of the walker of La Estación, Are you going to catch the train? Have you arrived by train? Have you gone to receive someone who arrives?…. Inviting the person holding the bottle to create their own story in “THE STATION”.