The vineyard

Care and dedication

Loose infertile earth with relatively high limestone content. The 14 hectare of trellised and bush vines are owned by the Briones Abad family. The different plots are in Gumiel de Mercado in the Ribera del Duero.

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The winery

The people, the soul

Luis Ángel Briones, in love with the land, and his family of patient viticulturists, embarked on a new and modern project beginning with developing the complexity of the queen of Ribera del Duero grape varieties: La Tempranillo (Tinta del País).

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Wines and marmalade

A well thought out and planned dream that is finally coming to fruit, Cantamuda Roble (lightly oaked) is a fantastic wine and has had an exceptional entrance into the market. We have chosen the name Cantamuda to come rerate a hidden away place in Palencia (Spain) that holds a special memory for our family.

If you like trying new wines try ours and become a fan

Enjoy it alone, in company, in get togethers and meals with friends. Add a touch of special music, unique to you with special significance. See our musical note on our label.

From our wines we have decided to take things further and make a red wine marmalade. Made from our red wines so you can also enjoy our wines in your dishes.

A perfect jam to pair with salads (foie, cheeses..) and also perfect for pastry making. There is no alcohol yet maintains all the flavours and aromas of our wine.


We have lots to tell you!!

We have lots to tell you!!

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